Max Kuhn
The rules package is on CRAN and enables rule-based models for tidymodels. Read more ...
Thomas Lin Pedersen
We have recently updated some of our low-level graphics packages. Read on about what is new in ragg and systemfonts Read more ...
Hadley Wickham, Kirill Müller
Learn about two last-minute additions to dplyr 1.0.0: a chattier summarise() with more options for controlling grouping of output, and new row manipulation functions inspired by SQL. Read more ...
Hadley Wickham
dplyr 1.0.0 is scheduled for release on May 15. This blog post talks about what package maintainers can do to prepare. Read more ...
Hadley Wickham
dplyr now makes heavy use of vctrs behind the scenes. This brings with it greater consistency and (hopefully!) more useful error messages. Read more ...
Max Kuhn
Three new tidymodels packages, baguette, poissonreg, and plsmod, were just released on CRAN. Read more ...
Hadley Wickham
Hadley Wickham
rowwise() has been renewed and revamped to make it easier to perform operations row-by-row. This makes it much easier to solve problems that previously required lapply(), map(), or friends. Read more ...
Kirill Müller
tibble 3.0.0 is on CRAN now! Tibbles are a modern reimagining of the data frame, keeping what time has shown to be effective, and throwing out what is not, with nicer default output too! This article describes the latest major release and provides an outlook on further developments Read more ...