bigrquery 1.5.0


  Hadley Wickham

We’re stoked to announce the release of bigrquery 1.5.0. bigrquery makes it easy to work with data stored in Google BigQuery, a hosted database for big data.

You can install it from CRAN with:


This has been the first major update to bigrquery for a while, and is mostly about catching up with innovations elsewhere as well as squashing a bunch of smaller annoyances.

Here’s a summary of the biggest changes:

See the release notes for a full list of changes.


A big thanks to all 14 folks who helped make this release happen with questions, comments, and code: @abalter, @ablack3, @evanrollinsdrumline, @hadley, @husseyd, @jacobmpeters, @jennybc, @Kvit, @meztez, @mgirlich, @MichaelChirico, @mjbroerman, @ncuriale, and @rdavis120.