haven 2.5.0


  Hadley Wickham

We’re chuffed to announce the release of haven 2.5.0. haven allows you to read and write SAS, SPSS, and Stata data formats from R, thanks to the wonderful ReadStat C library written by Evan Miller.

You can install it from CRAN with:


The most important news for this release is that Danny Smith is now a haven author in recognition of his significant and sustained contributions. He contributed the majority of improvements and bug fixes to this release.

Other improvements of note:

  • You can set custom variable widths when writing by setting the width attribute of the variable.

  • You can create FDA-compliant SAS transport files with haven, thanks to the addition of custom variable width support and some XPT writing related bug fixes.

  • write_dta() now supports Stata’s StrL variables. This means that it’s possible to write Stata files containing strings longer than 2045 characters, which was previously a hard upper limit.

You can see a full list of changes in the release notes.


A big thanks to all 24 folks who contributed to this released by filing issues or creating pull requests: @aito123, @arnaud-feldmann, @brianstamper, @dusadrian, @elimillera, @etiennebacher, @geebioso, @gorcha, @hadley, @jakoberr, @jennybc, @juansebastianl, @khanhhtt, @Luke791, @manhnguyen48, @maxecharel, @MokeEire, @Nate884, @pskoulgi, @Sama2than, @Shaunson26, @sjkiss, @szimmer, and @yangwenghou123.