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R packages for data science

The tidyverse is an opinionated collection of R packages designed for data science. All packages share an underlying design philosophy, grammar, and data structures.

Install the complete tidyverse with:

Learn the tidyverse
See how the tidyverse makes data science faster, easier and more fun with “R for Data Science”. Read it online, buy the book or try another resource from the community.
November 18 – 19, 2019
This two-day course will provide an overview of using R for supervised learning. You will learn how to build, visualize, test, and compare prediction-based models.
Miami, FL
December 16 – 18, 2019
Improve your tool building skills with this small hands-on workshop on a boat. All profits go to support the mission of the field school.
Need help?
First learn how to make a reprex then share it with others.