More 2020 tidy dev days!


  Mara Averick

Post-rstudio::conf(2020) dev day

First and foremost: thank you to everyone who participated in Tidyverse developer day following rstudio::conf(2020)! We merged 60 pull requests on the day of, have merged over 80 PRs to date, with roughly 15 more in the pipeline for review.

Having participants ring the gong themselves after their PRs were accepted was definitely a change for the better! Witness Gabriel Odom in action here.

Save the date: Pre-useR! 2020 dev day

We will be holding our next Tidyverse developer day on July 6th in St. Louis prior to useR! 2020. We haven’t yet finalized all the details, but it will be in the conference hotel. Tickets will go on sale once the logistics are firmly in place.

Please note that there will be the first ever R Geospatial Dev Day at the same time, run by the Geospatial-Track team, and led by Angela Li! If you work with geospatial data in R, we highly recommend that you check it out (especially if you’ve already been to a Tidyverse developer day).