Recent Articles
Jenny Bryan
googledrive v1.0.0 is on CRAN. Read more ...
Thomas Lin Pedersen
A set of new graphic devices just landed on CRAN. Read more about the ragg package here. Read more ...
Gábor Csárdi
callr 3.3.0 is now on CRAN Read more ...
Romain François
dplyr 0.8.3 is now on CRAN. Read more ...
Romain François
dplyr 0.8.2 is now on CRAN. Read more ...
Lionel Henry
rlang 0.4.0 is now on CRAN! Read more ...
Thomas Lin Pedersen
ggplot2 3.2.0 is now on CRAN! Read more ...
Jim Hester
It depends - A dialog about dependencies Read more ...
Gábor Csárdi, Lionel Henry
How to avoid resource leaks in C code in R packages? Introducing the cleancall package. Read more ...
Romain François
dplyr 0.8.1 is now on CRAN. Read more ...
Upcoming events
Nov 18 - Nov 19
This two-day course will provide an overview of using R for supervised learning. The session will step through the process of building, visualizing, testing, and comparing models that are focused on prediction. The goal of the course is to provide a thorough workflow in R that can be used with many different regression or classification techniques. Case studies on real data will be used to illustrate the functionality and several different predictive models are illustrated. The class is taught by Max Kuhn.