Complete the Google auth process

This page is provided by the developers of the Tidyverse API Packages.

It is a static landing page that does not collect any data.

This page facilitates interactive Google auth for R users who are unable to launch a local webserver, e.g. users of RStudio Server, Workbench, or Cloud.

You should have arrived here as part of an interactive auth process for a Google API from an R session.

To complete the process:

  1. Copy the authorization code below.
  2. Return to your interactive R session.
  3. Paste the code into the “Enter authorization code:” prompt.
  4. Close this browser tab (optional, but recommended).

This credential is similar to a password and should only be copy/pasted as part of the process described above.

If you do not wish to continue for any reason, simply close this browser tab without doing anything.