rstudio::conf 2018

We had a great time at the 2019 rstudio::conf! Many attendees arrived early for 2 days of in-depth workshops, followed by two days of conference sessions. This year’s conference featured 15 workshops on tidyverse, Shiny, R Markdown, modeling and machine learning, deep learning, big data, and what they forgot to teach you about working with R. Some of the new workshops for this year touched on topics like putting Shiny applications into production at scale and R & Tensorflow. The conference also featured certification workshops on RStudio Professional Administrator and Train-the-trainer for tidyverse and Shiny.

Below is a list of all workshops we hosted, with links to materials. Even though the materials alone cannot replace the actual workshop experience, we hope that you’ll find them useful. RStudio regularly hosts workshops throughout the year so please subscribe to training updates. You can also find out more about each of the workshops at the conference repository.

Workshop Instructor(s)
Introduction to Data Science in the Tidyverse Amelia McNamara, Hadley Wickham
Building Tidy Tools Charlotte Wickham, Hadley Wickham
What They Forgot to Teach You About R Jenny Bryan, Jim Hester
Intro to Shiny and RMarkdown Danny Kaplan
Advanced R Markdown Alison Hill, Yihui Xie
Intermediate Shiny Aimee Gott, Winston Chang
Using Shiny in Production Kelly O’Briant, Sean Lopp
Applied Machine Learning Max Kuhn, Alex Hayes, Davis Vaughan
Introduction to Deep Learning + Beyond the Basics Sigrid Keydana, Kevin Kuo, Rick Scavetta
Big Data with R Edgar Ruiz, James Blair
Train-the-Trainer Certification Workshop Greg Wilson
Shiny Train-the-Trainer Certification Workshop Mine Çetinkaya-Rundel
Tidyverse Train-the-Trainer Certification Workshop Garrett Grolemund
RStudio Professional Administrator Certification Workshop Andrie de Vries