Come work with us in Developer Relations


  Tracy Teal

We’re hiring!

A key part of what we do in open source at RStudio is help users learn and flourish by developing and disseminating documentation and fostering a welcoming community. To grow our capacity we’re hiring for a couple of roles in developer relations:

  • Developer Educator - tidyverse package development
    This role will teach package development, contribute to documentation, articulate user needs, and engage in package development activities, particularly on packages like roxygen2, testthat, devtools, and usethis that form a fundamental part of our package development workflow.

  • Developer Advocate - Quarto
    This role will focus on connecting with the community of Quarto users and developers to share knowledge and updates, listen to community needs and interests, be responsive and foster community around Quarto in R, Python and other languages. As a data scientist yourself, you will connect with the data science community, understand pain points, and identify and help create relevant documentation resources. We also expect that you’ll become an expert in Quarto and contribute meaningfully through GitHub issues, discussions, and PRs, and help articulate user needs and work with other developers to implement these needs into bigger features.

In both of these roles, we’ve highlighted the ‘developer’ aspect of the role. We recognize that it’s very hard to teach or share about something well if you don’t have the opportunity to do it with some regularity. The developer educator and developer advocate roles are therefore dual purpose - you will be both a developer and an educator or advocate.

For these roles you’ll know how to use content creation tools to produce pedagogically appropriate and accessible resources to guide data scientists. We particularly encourage folks who are fluent in Spanish to apply. We want to help better support the Latin American R community to continue to build out documentation and learning resources.

Please see the postings for more information about these roles, and share broadly! International applications are encouraged. We will begin reviewing applications on September 28th and the positions will remain open until filled. We’re excited about this opportunity to expand our education and outreach efforts and look forward to continuing to work together with the community.