lifecycle 1.0.0


  Hadley Wickham

We’re exceedingly happy to announce the release of lifecycle 1.0.0. The tidyverse team uses the lifecycle package to manage the lifecycle of functions and features within the tidyverse, letting you know what’s still experimental and what we’re moving away from in the future.

If you’re new to the lifecycle package, the best place to start is my rstudio::global() talk:

Or if you’d prefer to read about it, the lifecycle package now contains three vignettes:

  • vignette("stages") describes the lifecycle stages so you know what it means for a function to be experimental, stable, deprecated, or superseded.

  • vignette("manage") shows you how to manage lifecycle changes in functions that you use.

  • vignette("communicate") shows you how to communicate lifecycle changes in the functions you write. This documents exactly the process we follow when (e.g.) we deprecate a function.

This release of the lifecycle 1.0.0 package includes a few other minor improvements, which you can read about in the release notes.


A big thanks to all contributors: @batpigandme, @bergsmat, @Bisaloo, @colearendt, @DanChaltiel, @dpprdan, @florianm, @gowerc, @hadley, @HenrikBengtsson, @jarauh, @jennybc, @joethorley, @jpritikin, @k-doering-NOAA, @KapLDN, @krlmlr, @lionel-, @mkirzon, @Robinlovelace, @romainfrancois, @salim-b, @sigmasigmaiota, @wlandau, @yonicd, and @yutannihilation.