Max Kuhn

We’re thrilled to announce the launch of! The site is a central location for learning and using the tidymodels packages. It has a new take on a familiar look: landing page screenshot

This site has a different organization than its tidyverse sibling.

The Get Started page has a series of five articles that are aimed at readers who have little to no experience with the tidymodels packages. Each article focuses on a specific task (e.g. building a model), and the last article walks through a case study that brings all of the other elements together.

We have consolidated many of the vignettes and articles that showcase code examples on the Learn page. Previously, these were scattered across package documentation websites. We received feedback that keeping these articles in the individual sites made it too difficult to find the right material, especially when an article used multiple packages. Articles describing specific technical details of an individual package will remain in that specific pkgdown site.

The content on the Learn page is organized into groups:

  • Perform statistical analysis
  • Create robust models
  • Tune, compare, and work with your models
  • Develop custom modeling tools

We’ll continue to add new articles to the Learn section as we develop new functions in tidymodels, or for specific topics that need more documentation (based on GitHub issues, as well as posts to Stack Overflow or RStudio Community).

The Help section is an excellent place to consult when you are stuck on a problem or when you want to know more. There are additional links to books using the tidymodels packages as well as tools to search across all tidymodels functions, parsnip model functions, and recipe steps.

Blog posts related to tidymodels will still be posted here at the tidyverse blog. Both and are Hugo websites built using R with the blogdown package. We learned a lot while launching this new website and plan to share about this process in detail soon.

The launch of would not have been possible without Alison Hill, whose incredible expertise and tenacity made it happen. Additionally, Alison and Julia Silge did an amazing job making the existing content more readable and better organized. DesirĂ©e De Leon worked her magic to make the site look even better. We also used Allison Horst’s superb illustrations just to show off. The tidyverse group, Joshua Spiewak, Greg Swinehart, and Sarah Lin (RStudio’s Information Architect & Digital Librarian) also contributed valued support and help.