R version support

  Mara Averick

Which versions of R do tidyverse packages support?

Though package-specific minimum versions of R are given in the Depends fields of individual DESCRIPTION files, our general policy is to support the current version, the devel version, and four previous versions of R.

Edit 2022-11-151

Over the past several years and moving forward (as described in the “Release plans” section of the R Developer Page), R version releases occur annually:

The overall release schedule is to have annual x.y.0 releases in Spring, with patch releases happening on an as-needed basis.

Thus, the official minimum supported versions of R for the tidyverse2 are as described in the table, below.

Year Current R version Minimum supported version
2019 3.6 3.2
2020 4.0 3.3
2021 4.1 3.4
2022 4.2 3.5
2023 4.3 3.6
2024 4.4 4.0
2025 4.5 4.1
2026 4.6 4.2

Tidyverse minimum R version support

  1. Add table with annual historic and projected R-version support. ↩︎

  2. Note that older versions may be supported. For example, as of 2022, the tidyverse package Depends field is R (>= 3.3). ↩︎