bigrquery 1.1.0

  dplyr, dbplyr, bigrquery, databases

  Mara Averick

We’re delighted to announce that bigrquery 1.1.0 is now on CRAN. bigrquery makes it easy to work with data stored in Google BigQuery, a hosted database for big data. This is a minor release, with some improved type support, and SQL translation. For a complete list of updates, please see the Changelog.

Improved type support

bq_table_download() and the DBI::dbConnect method now have a bigint argument, which governs how BigQuery integer columns are imported into R. As before, the default will be bigint = "integer". However, you can now set bigint = "integer64" to import BigQuery integer columns as bit64::integer64 columns in R. This allows for values outside the range of integer (-2147483647 to 2147483647). Thanks to Rasmus Bååth for implementing these changes.

bq_table_download() now treats NUMERIC columns in the same way as FLOAT columns.

bq_table_upload() now works with date-time (POSIXct) variables. Unparseable date times return NA.

SQL translation

  • as.character() now translates to SAFE_CAST(x AS STRING).
  • median() now translates to APPROX_QUANTILES(x, 2)[SAFE_ORDINAL(2)].

Minor fixes

  • bq_job() tracks location, so bigrquery now works painlessly with non-US/EU locations.


Thank you to everyone who contributed to this release: @414theodore, @ajh3000, @AlekseyBuzmakov, @batpigandme, @byapparov, @ChrisJohnsonUMG, @cpcgoogle, @dujm, @eddelbuettel, @edgararuiz, @everron, @guillaumed90, @hadley, @Iuiu1234, @izzetagoren, @j450h1, @jberninger, @jordanwebb10, @jrecasens, @KarimZaoui, @ldanai, @paulsendavidjay, @ras44, @rasmusab, @Saikri5hna, @selcukakbas, @SergeiMakarovWeb, @skydavis435, @tdsmith, @tinoater, @tortorellij1, @valentinumbach, and @zacdav.