Save the date: tidyverse developer day


  Mara Averick

Save the date 📆

On the Saturday following rstudio::conf, we’ll be holding our first ever tidyverse developer day, and you’re invited! So, if you’re interested, plan on being in Austin on the 19th of January. The venue is not settled yet, but the intent is to make it convenient for people who’ve chosen lodging based on the rstudio::conf location.

Squad goals 🎯

There will be more details to come, but the idea is to have a day where we can work together on anything ranging from submitting your first pull request, to working on your own package. The tidyverse team will be there, so we can help you hit the ground running and/or get over any stumbling blocks that you encounter. Don’t have any ideas for something to work on? No problem! We’ll be tagging issues in advance to make sure there’s lots to do for any- and everyone, regardless of level of expertise.

Bonus 🎉

Hadley has promised “the best BBQ in Texas,” so feel free to take that into account. We’re excited to give this a whirl, and hope to see you there!

Have questions? Head over to the tidyverse developer day thread on the RStudio community site!