pkgdown 1.0.0

  r-lib, pkgdown

  Hadley Wickham

I’m very pleased to announce the initial release of pkgdown to CRAN! pkgdown is designed to make it quick and easy to build a website for your package. You can see pkgdown in action at this is the output of pkgdown applied to the latest version of pkgdown. This initial release is version 1.0.0 in recognition that pkgdown has been in development for 6 years (!) and has already been used to make websites for over 1600 packages (!!).

Install pkgdown with:



Basic usage is simple: run build_site() within your package directory:


By default, this will generate a docs/ directory. The home page will be generated from your, a function reference will be generated from the documentation in the man/ directory, and any vignettes/ will be converted into articles

If you are using GitHub, the easiest way to make this your package website is to check it in, push it, then go to repo settings and ensure that the GitHub pages source is set to “master branch /docs folder”.


To customise your site, first read vignette("pkgdown"), then read the documentation for the functions responsible for building each part of the site:

In the wild

A great way to see what you can do with pkgdown is to look at existing websites. Here are a few examples created by some of the contributors to pkgdown:

  • bayesplot [source]: plotting functions for posterior analysis, model checking, and MCMC diagnostics.

  • valr [source]: read and manipulate genome intervals and signals.

  • mkin [source]: calculation routines based on the FOCUS Kinetics Report

  • NMF [source]: a framework to perform non-negative matrix factorization (NMF).


pkgdown has been a long time coming, and it wouldn’t have been possible without a devoted community of users, many of whom have gone on to contribute fixes. I’d like to particularly thank Jay Hesselberth who put a lot of work into implementing site search in partnership with Algolia’s docsearch.

A big thanks goes out to all 184 other people who contributed issues, pull requests, and comments: @aaronrudkin, @adamkski, @adibender, @AdrianHordyk, @adrtod, @agrueneberg, @alekrutkowski, @amatsuo, @amrrs, @andrie, @antuki, @aravind-j, @batpigandme, @bborgesr, @bhaskarvk, @bowerth, @BrianDiggs, @carlosparadis, @cboettig, @cderv, @chfleming, @choisy, @christophergandrud, @ck37, @corybrunson, @crew102, @czeildi, @Dasonk, @davebraze, @davidcarslaw, @DavisVaughan, @dfalbel, @dincerti, @dirkschumacher, @dmenne, @dracodoc, @edgararuiz, @edzer, @eibanez, @eliotmcintire, @Emaasit, @emhart, @Enchufa2, @espinielli, @famuvie, @flaviobarros, @flying-sheep, @friendly, @gaborcsardi, @GegznaV, @GeoBosh, @ghost, @goldingn, @gr8694, @GShotwell, @Guilz, @gvegayon, @hadley, @iagomosqueira, @ijlyttle, @IndrajeetPatil, @isteves, @jacob-long, @jakob-r, @jakobbossek, @jamesdunham, @janeshdev, @jaredhuling, @javierluraschi, @jbkunst, @jefferis, @jeffwong, @jemus42, @jennybc, @jentjr, @jeroenjanssens, @jflournoy, @jhoobergs, @jimhester, @jjallaire, @jkennel, @JohnCoene, @JohnMount, @jolars, @jonasfoe, @jranke, @jrosen48, @jthurner, @KasperSkytte, @katrinleinweber, @kbenoit, @KellyLoucks, @kent37, @keurcien, @kevinushey, @kimyen, @kmiddleton, @kohske, @krlmlr, @kuhnrl30, @kwstat, @kylebmetrum, @lbusett, @lgatto, @LiNk-NY, @lionel-, @luca-scr, @maelle, @MarcinKosinski, @marcosci, @MarkEdmondson1234, @markusdumke, @maurolepore, @maxheld83, @mdsumner, @merliseclyde, @michaellevy, @michelk, @mjsteinbaugh, @mooresm, @Mullefa, @mwillumz, @nacnudus, @nbenn, @nealrichardson, @newtux, @nhejazi, @nite, @noamross, @nsheff, @nuno-agostinho, @pachevalier, @PascalKieslich, @pat-s, @patperry, @privefl, @rajanand, @randy3k, @ras44, @renozao, @restonslacker, @rickhelmus, @RLesur, @RLumSK, @RMHogervorst, @robertzk, @Robinlovelace, @romainfrancois, @rstub, @sahilseth, @samuel-rosa, @saurfang, @sckott, @sebastian-c, @sfirke, @slwu89, @statsandthings, @stephlocke, @StevenMMortimer, @surmann, @t-kalinowski, @terrytangyuan, @ThierryO, @thk686, @tjmahr, @tomaskrehlik, @topepo, @trinker, @Tutuchan, @UweBlock, @WastlM, @wch, @wjakethompson, @wlandau, @wlandau-lilly, @wrathematics, @wviechtb, @xguardi, @yiluheihei, @yutannihilation, @zappingseb, @zbjornson, @zkamvar, and @znmeb