tidyverse 1.2.0


  Mara Averick

We are pleased to announce the release of tidyverse 1.2.0 on CRAN (now 1.2.1, following some minor fixes) includes updates in tidyverse package membership, as well as to tidyverse functions themselves.

The latest version of tidyverse can be installed with:


Changes in tidyverse membership

Addition of the reprex package

Though it’s been a mainstay of the tidyverse help section, 1.2.0 marks the official addition of reprex (short for reproducible example) to the tidyverse.

This means that you can now access the handy reprex addins from the RStudio drop-down menu.

Updates to tidyverse core

The stringr and forcats packages (for string, and categorical variable manipulation, respectively) have joined ggplot2, dplyr, tidyr, readr, purrr, and tibble to make up the core tidyverse.

Running library(tidyverse) attaches these core packages in the current R session. On attach, tidyverse now makes better use of horizontal space, printing packages and versions in two columns (see below). Additionally, packages that have already been attached are not be printed, and development versions are highlighted in red. You can suppress this message using suppressPackageStartupMessages() or by setting options(tidyverse.quiet = TRUE).

Other improvements

While a comprehensive list of changes can be found in the release notes, other highlights include:

  • tidyverse_conflicts() now prints all conflicts involving at least one tidyverse package (including intra-tidyverse conflicts, omitted in previous versions)

  • Addition of a tidyverse_logo() function.


A big thanks to all of the community members who contributed code and opened issues since the last release: Derek Chiu, Matthew Lincoln, Michael Toth and Serhat Cevikel.