dbplyr 1.3.0

Photo by Scott Webb

We’re stoked to announce that dbplyr 1.3.0 is now available on CRAN. dbplyr is the database backend for dplyr, translating dplyr syntax into SQL. This is a minor release primarily for compatibility with dplyr 0.8.0. However, there have been some changes to the API, and minor improvements (the full details of which can be found in the changelog). A more substantive update can be expected after rstudio::conf.

API changes

  • Calls of the form dplyr::foo() are now evaluated in the database, rather than locally.

  • The vars argument to tbl_sql() has been formally deprecated.

  • src and tbl objects now include a class generated from the class of the underlying connection object. This makes it possible for dplyr backends to implement different behaviour at the dplyr level, when needed.

SQL translation

  • The new as.integer64(x) is translated to CAST(x AS BIGINT).

  • cummean() now translates to SQL AVG() as opposed to MEAN().

  • x %in% y is now translated to FALSE if y is empty.


Thank you to the 49 people who contributed to this release: @AkhilGNair, @andypohl, @batpigandme, @bogdanrau, @cboettig, @cderv, @chris-park, @colearendt, @copernican, @cseidman, @DavisVaughan, @dgrtwo, @dlindelof, @dpprdan, @edgararuiz, @foonwong, @gbisschoff, @hadley, @halldc, @happyshows, @iangow, @javierluraschi, @jimhester, @jinaliu, @JohnMount, @jonthegeek, @jrjohnson0821, @karldw, @kevinykuo, @kmace, @krlmlr, @lincis, @lionel-, @mfalcioni1, @mgirlich, @mkirzon, @mkuehn10, @mtmorgan, @N1h1l1sT, @Prometheus77, @ramnathv, @romainfrancois, @sandan, @sverchkov, @tdsmith, @tmastny, @TomWeishaar, @vitallish, and @yutannihilation.

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